Herbs Samahan Tea with Ginger x 30 Sachets by Link Natural

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Remedy for Sneezing,Runny Nose,Head Ache, Throat pain, Feverishness, Tiredness,Body pains

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LINK Samahan

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Link Samahan Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Packets  Sri Lankan Natural Drink

Link Samahan is a wholly natural, safe and effective preparation for relief of cold and cold related symptoms.

The common cold is probably the world’s most widespread malady and responsible for the loss of millions of working days. Cold related health problems are aggravated by changing weather patterns and certain allergens. Sneezing, runny noses, itching eyes and sore throats are the first signs of a common cold. Link Natural, after many years of research developed Link Samahan, a 100% authentic herbal formulation that is available as instantly soluble granules that comprises extracts of 14 medicinal plants used in Peyava formulations. Link Samahan is presently the leading herbal product for colds and related symptoms in Sri Lanka and is fast becoming popular internationally. This success was recognized when Link Samahan achieved  Super brand status.

1.    What is Samahan?

Samahan is a 100% herbal preparation based on Ayurveda principles. It contains the extracts of 14 herbs mentioned in the sachet, only.The formula was developed by a panel of Ayurveda practitioners. The formula was developed after

5 years of Research and Development by a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, technologists and Ayurveda practitioners at Link Natural.

2.    What’s so special about Samahan?

Samahan is the first Ayurvedi 100% herbal easy-to-use preparation in the market for colds and cold related symptoms and Flu.

3.    When should Samahan be taken?

Samahan can be taken at any time. It is most effective when taken at the first sign of cold or flu.

4.    Can Samahan be taken while on other medication?

Yes. Most ingredients in Samahan are commonly used in our day-to-day food.According to the panel of Ayurveda practitioners who developed the Samahan formula, it could be taken while on other medication.

5.    If its an Ayurvedic formulation, how can it be instant and so effective?

Ayurveda is a medical system that is in existence for over 5000 years and used by millions of people. Samahan formula was developed based on Ayurvedic principles and experience.The use of authentic raw materials of right quality and the scientifically optimized production protocol by Link Natural, make the Samahan effective and instant.

6.    Samahan is said to act instantly. How is that?

Answered in (5) above.

7.    Are “Western drugs” added to give Samahan the quick-fix effect?

NO. Samahan is 100% natural. It contains only the ingredients mentioned in the pack and cane sugar.

8.    Is Samahan good only for cold and cold-related ailments?

Samahan is especially prepared for cold and cold related symptoms and flu but, is effective for fatigue, body aches and similar common complaints.

9.    Can Samahan be taken regularly?

Yes. It can be taken as a normal warm drink. It can be taken with tea or coffee, or could even replace them.

10.  Will it have side effects if taken daily?

No. Ingredients of Samahan had been in use for centuries for food and medicine, without any side effects.

Directions to use

To prevent cold and catarrh related symptoms, use one sachet of Link Samahan a day with milk, tea, hot water or preferred hot beverage. At the fist sign of cold or catarrh symptoms, take 1-2 sachets of Link Samahan 3-4 times a day.

Products Standard

Our Products are Processed in accordance with ISO 9001,ISO 14001,HACCP and GMP Certification


Plant name (Latin binomial)

Adhatoda vasica Nees. (Acanthaceae)

Alpinia galanga Willd. (Zingiberaceae)

Carum copticum Benth & Hook. (Apiaceae)

Coriandrum sativum Linn. (Apiaceae)

Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr. (Menispermaceae)

Cuminum cyminum Linn. (Apiaceae)

Evolvulus alsinoides Linn. (Convolvulaceae)

Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. (Fabaceae)

Hedyotis herbaceae (Linn.) Lam. (Rubiaceae)

Piper longum Linn. (Piperaceae)

Piper nigrum Linn. (Piperaceae)

Premna herbacea Roxb. (Verbenaceae)

Solanum xanthocarpum Schrade. & Wendl. (Solanaceae)

Zingiber officinale Roscoe. (Zingiberaceae)


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  1. Julie Jia

    I bought this 2 years ago, always liked it, but didn’t think much of it. Only recent 2 months I started to drink everyday, especially after dinner as it’s non caffeinated. It’s mild gingery spicy, took a while for me to get used to. I feel I have benefited from it in terms of good night sleep. After finishing the package of 100, I just reordered.

    Julie Jia

  2. Mike J

    I drank two of these tea and I could not sleep the whole night. I had mind racing and restlessness which are classic symptoms of steroid or another cerebral stimulant. I’m sending a sample to FDA for analysis. I am also going to write to Amazon to analyze this teabags. I am a physician and I strongly feel it has either steroid or a strong cerebral stimulant.

    Mike J

  3. Nika

    I absolutely swear by this tea. Used to suffer from bad migraines and had a very weak immune system, like i would catch a cold every other week in the winter. Started drinking this tea about a year ago. No illnesses to date not even a headache. Flavor is very very good, and not overbearing like some other teas. Has a hint of sweetness to it, but it’s very subtle. I recommend this to everyone!


  4. Victoria Richter

    It was advised by a friend as a miracle supplement and we have been taking it for about a year. One packet a day. We have not been sick for that whole year going on the second year. Not once did we have a cold. I am 56 and usually have one or two colds every year and my husband, 64, also usually has a cold a few times a year, none since we started taking it. We call this “magic tea”. You can add it to coffee, tea, hot water, kombucha, anything. It has a little sugar and a gingery taste. The rest is magic. Try it!

    Victoria Richter

  5. ckc

    You advertise the green label packs on your items. I recieved the orange label which is weaker. I wanted the green label. That is false advertising. I know you think it the same but it’s not. You obviously dont drink the stuff to know better. This is the bland version people.


  6. Chanie Tee

    This was introduced to me by an Indian coworker who gave me a packet when I felt a scratchy throat coming on. I took it with about 4 oz of hot water. A few hours later I noticed my scratchy throat was gone. I took them all last winter and anytime I start feeling funny. They work. I have shared them with coworkers and they too have said they felt better after taking it. Worth the money. Has a ginger peppery flavor. Not at all unbearable. About to have one now. No flu shot and no flu or bad cold during 2016-2017 winter.

    Chanie Tee

  7. C. Mcgovern

    This is my favorite tea to use in the winter to keep my immune system in check. It works great for colds and coughs. I use this if I feel something coming on and the next day I am fine. Coughs are better within an hour of drinking. The taste is a little spicy but palatable.

    C. Mcgovern

  8. J0salgado

    My aunt put me on to this tea when I was in arizona. Theres no tea bag you pour it in the mug and its dissolves perfectly when you add hot water. I enjoy the taste! I added honey it made the color look a little darker than it is.


  9. Eva Rudolph

    This tea is like dark magic. A colleague gave me a few bags when I was sick with the cold and I could feel my sore throat and running nose getting better within an hour or two of drinking it. I have stocked up on this tea and I drink two to four packets a day whenever I feel the start of cold/flu symptoms. If I’m already too sick, it always relieves my symptoms. If I start early enough, it seems to cut the course of my sickness down from a week to two or three days. The flavor is slightly peppery, minty, gingery, and a little spicy at the back of your throat but I don’t care because it’s some witch’s potion so that’s expected.

    Eva Rudolph

  10. Nishit

    We have used Samahan tea for a long time.When we first discovered it, my wife was catching the flu/cold very frequently. This helped her recover, and the cycle of constant flu/cold was broken. We now have it during the flu season to boost immunity as well as if we feel symptoms of cold/flu coming on. We take one to two sachets a day in hot water. It is nothing but ‘kadha’ that we all have in Indian families, just packed in convenient sachets. The exact ingredients can be found on their website which you would want to check in case you are allergic to something. My whole family has this, and we have not had any problems due to it.


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